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Angry OTT steer, bump steer, oscillation

Hellow everyone,

I know this is an old topic, but i am really trying to get my sammy back on the road here in jersey. I have a 4.3 swap and it used to run well with sammy spoa. I put CJ springs on the front and back and got a low range half OTT steering (just the drag link). It was made back in 2011.

I really don't understand how the ott eliminates bump steer. My z link used to run down the high way at 75 mph no problems.

Took a video of me pushing up and down on the bumper with the steering wheel going side to side:

Also i have a terrible oscillation if you look at my other videos. I recently changed tbe mount points on the front spring shackles cause they where inverted at full droop. Holy smokes did the oscillation get worse! Thought the front end was going to break off.

Would appreciate any help

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Going to an OTT tie rod does nothing to help/hurt bump steer unless you set the toe wrong on installation. It just physically moves the tie rod up out of harms way.

Going to an OTT drag link does help in the elimination of bump steer as it changes/flattens the arc that the drag link follows during any suspension travel as you bounce down the road, thus eliminating some if not all of the "bump" or movement the drag link sees when your tires are pointed straight.

99% of all "death wobble" can be fixed by correcting the alignment of the front end. Typically its toe incorrectly set and/or caster issues. occasionally camber can be out, but then usually its a bent housing and then you have to make other major corrections.

Bad osculation can be, or be a combination of, worn parts and/or out of spec alignment.

I know most think they can self diagnose these things, and some can, but getting a proper alignment check should always be the first thing done. Then you can use that as a base line to adjust it yourself in need be.

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I had really bad death wobble on my Tin Top. It had a Z-bar and SPOA on stock springs.
I installed an OTT from Calmini to get rid of the Z-bar. Still had some wobble. Took it in for an alignment and the toe was set wrong and the caster was off because of the SPOA. Added 6* shim plates and had it realigned. Now no death wobble! Road manners are very nice now.
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I did a half high steer with the Mercedes steering arm. Made new drag link and tie rod with built in adjustments. Took measurements from about 10 different angles to make sure steering was aligned correctly. My Sami will do 80 down the highway with 31x10.50s and no wobble or bump steer. I'm super pleased!
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