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Blurple90 is an unknown quantity at this point
125 hp out of a 1.6td has to be badass.

I came to the same conclusion about the samurai being too much of a brick to work well with that engine at highway speeds.

Plus I have an ALH golf and wagon and BHW sedan, and 2 ALHs and a BHW sitting on the garage floor so I didn't see a reason to pursue 1.6td performance when tdis are so much easier to find and run so cool.

Which turbo are you running on the 1.6td? Intercooled? I had a k24.

I don't know much about the AHU or 1z, but I love the ALH with a passion. BHWs are beasts but the chain driven balance shafts need to be deleted on all of them and there is the possible cam wear issue. Although mine have 330k and 219k miles and still on the original cams with no abnormal wear.

HE200 would be my dream turbo, do you have source for a bolt on manifold or fab your own? The turbo on my 1.8 sport is an HX30, love Holset.

How much power do you think your 1.9 is putting through that trackick transmission? I really want to run one behind the ALH in the samurai but can't decide if I should step up to a G54 or W56 (have a G54 w/dual cases, twin stick and trackick trans w/4.24 and twin stick on the floor, but I would rather use the toy trans in a bigger project later).
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