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08-25-2007, 08:31 AM
After many questions and PM's, I have come up with a set of rules we can live by.

#1 ---- Please Read The Following VERY Carefully. Take the minute, it's worth your time. Many people are saying "I didn't know that was a rule..." when they are CLEARLY laid out here.

#2 - The forums are open for people of all ages, you are expected to follow these guidelines, this includes PM's or e-mails. If you can not communicate sensibly then you can not be trusted to use these forums and will be banned.

#2a - Did not think I would have to actually say this one but: No Price Bashing. If somebody has a item listed and you disagree with the price and you just HAVE to say something, send them a PM. Don't post in their thread. The seller owns the parts, they know what they want for it, nobody says you have to buy it. Also no hijacking for sale post EVER!

#3 - Cursing and profanity are a natural part of modern life, and it happens - and I do it a lot myself. Forum Moderators may warn you if you are being too gratuitous or over-the-top. The judgement of what constitutes this will be left up to their discretion. My advice is - we should all at least try to keep it somewhat civilized here. Posts containing bad language will be edited or deleted at the moderators / admins discretion, if you continue to post threads containing bad language then all your posts will be moderated and will require approval before they are displayed.

#4 - No pornography in signatures / avatars / threads. That is what the NWS "Not Work Safe" area is for. If you want to be added send a private message to myself or Simplesam. We have fun in there.

#5 - No Warez/Serials/Cracks/Hax0ring/Cheats/etc, including links.

#6 - Bumping of threads is allowed if the thread has been pushed to second page (using default view age), this rule applies especially for the "Classifieds" forum.

#7 - Ebay area is for members, not new people that just join to post their ebay link.

#8 - No double or cross posting. Particularly in the For Sale forum. If you already have a post for the item you wish to sell bring it back to the top, dont start a new post.

#9 - Trolling - Don't do it. - Trolling defined: "Troll," in the context of message boards and the like, describes somebody who is posting just to be confrontational and \ or a nuisance. Trolling gets you banned! Fast

#10 - Name changes - User name changes will only be permitted to correct typographic errors, simplify long and/or complex names, avoid confusion with other user names, or in an emergency (i.e. cyberstalking, with detailed explanation.) If you want your named to be changed, send TX_ZUKI or Itsmejoe231 a private message.

#11 - No linking other Message board forums. You can post links to your club in your signature line.

#12- No racist/derogatory comments

#13 - All Classified adds MUST HAVE A PRICE. If you dont know the value, search the part on Ebay or other threads and put OBO on it.

#14- READ #1 again

These are subject to change at any time. We have a good bunch of folks here, this is for the rotten eggs, you know who you are