View Full Version : FYI: Texas Source on Ford Shock Towers

02-15-2006, 02:05 PM
I know a lot of guys use the Super Duty upper shock towers on their Sammis for longer stroke upper mounts. I think many folks go buy these new from Ford Parts dealers.

One place I know of in Texas who does a ton of Super Duty lifts is Truck Toyz in McAllen, Texas. 888-PRO-TOYZ.

Call Marty (owner) or Kevin (manager) and ask about them. Those guys have so much stock stuff they pull off - it's just put in a scrap bin in the back of their shop. It might be a good way to grab yourself some shock towers for nothing or next to nothing. They are pretty good guys and could be willing to hook you up for a few bucks for their trouble and some postage.