View Full Version : Plastic Radiator Troubles: Some Thoughts...

03-22-2007, 07:10 PM
I finally found the time to take a look at my '93 Sidekick in an effort to find the coolant leak.

I topped off the radiator, put the cap on and started it up.

Almost immediately, I noticed small amounts of coolant appearing on the passenger side edge of the radiator top where the radiator core attaches to the plastic top. Then I noticed the telltale dripping on the ground followed by drips coming down the front of the radiator.

I pulled off the foam that covers the top of the radiator only to find coolant bubbling out of the joint all along the top-front edge of the radiator!


Now if you have tried to get a plastic radiator fixed, you already know that it'll be a cold day in Death Valley when you can find a radiator shop that can reliably fix a plastic radiator at a reasonable price.

Tomorrow, I will be picking up a 16.75" high core replacement radiator (Automatic Transmission version) at O'Reilly's for $175.

...Words and pictures to follow.