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06-05-2013, 08:47 PM

1) Where are you from, how long have you lived there? With a last name that translates to "Son of Thunder" you can safely guess at Minnesota. Left Minnesota at 15 and was in California for three decades. Been in Central Arizona since early 2002

2) How long have you been interested in suzuki's and off roading? Suzuki since I got up close to a Samurai when we first moved to Arizona. Off roading since 78.

3) What was your first exposure to off roading? Just purchased a 4x4 45 minutes earlier and went to the oil fields in Bakersfield to promptly get it stuck.

4) What was your first rig? 1978 J20 Jeep

5) How long have you had your current rig, and what work have you done to it? Current rig Popcorn I think officially 2 or 3 months. It was a customers rig so it had a lot of ZOR shop time over the last year. Except for the SR YJ and agricultural splined front drive shaft almost everything.

6) What was your least favorite upgrade? Did you take it off or are you still running it. Hands down a Weber Carb on my first Samurai. No I am not running it anymore.

7) Who or what has been your biggest influence? (in any aspect) On a personal level, my bride of 37 years. No one knows the trouble I put her through behind the scenes to make ZOR run as smooth as possible.
On an positive attitude level, Author Nopolean Hill. On a Business level, Dave King from AAPA was really helpful in the beginning of ZOR to teach me a ton about Samurai vehicles. I could write a book about all the people that have influenced me, so let me just say if you know me you have influenced me.

8) When wheeling are you more likely to camp or stay at a motel? The norm is to usually stay in motels on the way to a distant event and camp there but it depends who is traveling with me.

9) Do you drive your rig to the trail or trailer? Suzuki both drive and trailer. Toyota Trailer only.

10) What kind of tow rig do you own, or wish you had? Old beat up pick up truck.

11) Do you like music on the trail or is the sweet sound of horse power enough for you? Seriously who doesn't want to sing along with the Texas Hippie Coalition when they are singing about "little Sara" the stripper.

12) You are given a trip anywhere in the world for you (your family) and your rig to go. Where would it be to, and what would you do there? Aruba, North Side of the Island, wheel on the beach.

13) Where is your favorite place to wheel and what is it like? Arizona. Long Trails with beginning to end points. The trails vary so much here but a few things remain constant. Rocks, Sharp objects, Shiny things.

14) Does your family enjoy the sport or tolerate your addiction? Tolerate. Like they have done on anything I have done that uses gasoline to move.

15) What has been your favorite upgrade to your rig? Leather Seats with arm rests.

16) What advice would you give someone new to the sport? Just because some company has a Suzuki product invented by rocket scientist and wonderful advertising campaign doesn't mean it is the best. Research first, then spend your money. There is a reason why TrailTough, Sky-Manufacturing, Aftermarket 4x4, Petroworks and ZOR have gained market share from the two big name Suzuki product companies. It is called customer service. Nobody wants to be treated like crap after spending butt loads of money with a company. The two big manufacturing names in Suzuki products don't seem to care about the average Suzuki owner and it shows in their service reputation. Join a club, make friends and build your rig the way you want to.

17) In your opinion does a title make the rig, or does it have to still be nearly stock to be a Suzuki? I have been a member of the State Suzuki Club for awhile now. I like their rules for what is a Suzuki and is acceptable. Any Suzuki hood and emblem makes it a Suzuki. If that doesn't work for anyone else's club I understand.

18) Us zukikrawlers are the "best" people, that being said what kind of rigs do you normally wheel with? Level 3 to Level 5 rigs. Mostly Suzuki Samurai lifted rigs that can do a Level3 trail like Smasher without having to stop for repairs every 20 feet.

19) What is your best memory of being part of the Zukikralwers family? Back in the day when ZK was a little more friendly, winning MOM or even MOY was pretty special. But the memories will continue as I have made life long friends with most of the old school ZK people.

20) No rig is perfect, so what has been your biggest stuck to date, or trail breakage, and were you able to fix it on the trail? If you are wheeling you are breaking. I have broken lots of things and been with people that broke lots of things. I would say the biggest stuck was a 1ton axled ranger with a broken front drive shaft. It wouldn't stay on line and I was asked to get it off the obstacle. Upon backing it down, I got the Dana60 knuckle stuck on a wall and snapped it in half. We had to fix it on the trail. Crisbee and Scott came out with some tools and walked me through the repair. With no front drive shaft that Ranger doesn't do anything so I snapped a rear Dana axle trying to get off the last few inches of the obstacle and out of the way any one else driving through. Came back the next day with a hobbled together front driveshaft and got it off the trail.

21) The sh*t hits the fan on a global scale. are you more likely to stick around and defend your "space" or head for the hills and live off the land? Really debatable as to what will happen. I thought storing food and ammo might be the best bet. My son is convinced that, it will be the roving small bands of marauders taking from the folks that stock piled, that will be the ultimate winners of that game.

22) Name anyone past or present you would like to wheel with. Given the opportunity I would like to go wheeling with the Vice President of Consumer Union. I would like get him to understand that his dishonesty, lack of integrity and poor judgement has hurt a lot of people. Suzuki USA is bankrupt. Suzuki Japan will probably not be importing much of anything 4x4 into the USA soon. All because of his "roll over lie". Once he understood this, depending on his attitude, he might have an off roading accident.

23) Bacon is natures most perfect food. (no question here just a statement I feel should be made more often). Actually Bacon is not natures most perfect food. That would be a palm date for a minimum of 12 reasons. However, tasting better than bacon is not one of them.

Start again here!
24) Which is easier to deal with, A. your rig is broke and you dont have the parts to fix it; B. your rig is fine but you dont have the time to use it? C. For example; The yota has been broken for 2.5 years. No time to fix it. No parts. Thorís Hammer has not been touched for over 5 years. No time to fix it, no parts. Easy to watch them sit in place than work on them.

25) You are handed the "keys" to zukikrawlers what is the first thing you would do? Fix the security issue to fight spammers.

Thanks Myron. There are few people in my opinion who have shaped the face of the suzuki community as much Myron. If you ever get a chance to meet him in person, it will be a meeting you wont soon forget. :happy

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toast CONGRATS toast

06-06-2013, 07:35 AM
you are Zor God of Zuks to me.

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Congrats My :happy

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Congrats - Enjoyed reading the Q & A.

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Actually was super busy with phone calls and unannounced customers coming in at 6 am to get free service done (new engine retorque). That start over here was a note for me and Andy but I never mentioned to Andy that I wasn't finished. That question about the keys to ZK got me thinking but I never sent another draft to Andy.

No knock whatsoever to big B when I say ZK needs some attention. Spammers being one of them. But it would be huge for ZK to have an event consistently. To think that I might never had meet Benji, Bobbie, Joe, Andy, Jamie, Cowboy, Cambron (ack), Chris, tweet, shorty, etc etc. unless I went to a ZK event would be a huge loss to me. I am a sponge for information and new things. I am very happy to be considered old school ZK people.

06-06-2013, 11:37 PM
you are Zor God of Zuks to me.

See right there is what I am talking about. I met Joe when he asked me to stop by his spread on the way to my first ZK event. Hell of a guy. Friend for life. Funny thing is how many of us are friends because of a cheap Asian car. What's not funny is there are so many of us that we are bound to run into people we don't like, or have issues with. It was tough on me a few years back when Joe and another friend got into a heated debate with me in the middle. All that I could do was tell them both if they could meet each other, they could work it out. I knew that because I knew both of their hearts. Both good men. Different way of thinking about things, but good men get past the problems egos conjure up. I believe they moved on as I see from time to time they post in each others threads now without insulting each other, LOL!

Still Zukin
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Congrats My.

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Congrats MY. toast

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Congarts MY, very well deserved!


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The ZOR-cam was able to catch Myrons 1st reaction when he found out he was Member of the Month.


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:funny: :funny:

Nice to see you there to help celebrate Scott bigok

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Congrats My!

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Congrats My,I enjoyed the 20 questionsbigok

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I enjoyed answering them RockMike, missing you over there. talk with you soon.

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I sure miss the people over there,I truly do.Since the new location for the store I have a tough time finding the time to post here most days.

The distractions kick my CRS into high gear anymore lol

again Congrats,thanks for all you do in the zuki community:happy