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11-13-2012, 11:49 AM
1) Where are you from, how long have you lived there? 60+ years in CO

2) How long have you been interested in suzuki's and off roading? Suzuki's since 05, off roading since jr high school

3) What was your first exposure to off roading? Going hunting with my older brother in his jeep station wagon

4) What was your first rig? My first 4x4 was a cj3a jeep

5) How long have you had your current rig, and what work have you done to it? I built the yellow sami about 4 or 5 years ago.
2.3 motor, duel tcase, linked Toy axles, ARB's, on board shower and bunch of little things

6) What was your least favorite upgrade? Did you take it off or are you still running it. The exhaust, no room for a quiet muffler, its still there, but as loud as it is I wonder!

7) Who or what has been your biggest influence? (in any aspect) Spidertrax

8) When at an event are you more likely to camp or get a motel? Not real big on events and like motels even less, but I would camp for sure

9) Do you drive your rig to the trail or trailer? I do both, it's my DD but I wouldn't want to drive it a long distance on the hwy.

10) What kind of tow rig do you own, or wish you had? 96 ford Powerstroke

11) Do you like music on the trail or is the sweet sound of horse power enough for you? I have the Ipod on the trail, I will turn it off if I it gets really technical

12) You are given a trip anywhere in the world for you (your family) and your rig to go. Where would it be to, and what would you do there? I think the Outback would be a good start. I would from sun up to sun down! He He

13) Where is your favorite place to wheel and what is it like? My favorite trail is in UT, the Hole in the Rock trail. It's very remote, 28 miles in and 28 out with lots of history.

14) Does your family enjoy the sport or tolerate your addiction? My wife goes most of the time and loves it. My daughter and son in law are in it also, he ran the XRRA for a while.

15) What has been your favorite upgrade to your rig?
The 2.3 liter motor
16) What advice would you give someone new to the sport? Wheel it stock for awhile and add on as you go.

17) In your opinion does a title make the rig, or does it have to still be nearly stock to be a Suzuki? Just because it has a sami hood doesn't make it a sami. But as long as your having fun with your rig you can call it what you want, makes no diff to me!

18) Us zukikrawlers are the "best" people, that being said what kind of rigs do you normally wheel with?
I have a friend that has a rubicon that I wheel with the most, he's ready to go any time.

19) What is your best memory of being part of the Zukikralwers family? Well being MOM has got my vote! The build of the light weight buggy with all the support was great also

20) No rig is perfect, so what has been your biggest stuck to date, or trail breakage, and were you able to fix it on the trail? The first buggy I built ripped the upper 4 link mount off the axle, we fixed it with straps and got it back to camp and repaired it. Haven't broke on the trail since. [ knock on wood ]

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toast CONGRATS Bill !

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Congrats :happy

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Congrats. I enjoyed reading the 20 questions with answers.


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Congrats man. Really like this 20 question thing

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Nice job Andy!!

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Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting Bill and has got to spend some time with him walks away with the "holy crap this is a great guy and I wish i had his talent in everything he does". If you think his buggies are good you should see his wood working skills. It's about time you got MOM, my first time leaving your house the only thing I could think of was my wife has to come up here and see this place. After you had us up my wife said "damn why can't you do that!!!!" We have had a lot of MOM's and I can say you sir are what MOM is all about.

Hideous 4x4
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Thanks again to everyone!