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11-01-2006, 06:37 PM
Hi all I'm a :n00b: so i hope this question aint to stoopid. I've had my zuki about 6-8 months and it always started fine, but since it started getting colder I have to pump the HELL out of it??? Is this normal due to the cold weather??? Been sooooo long since I've had a carb.

I'm gonna' run some carb cleaner through it this weekend.

This is gonna' be my winter wheels so any tip would be great!!!:puppydog:

Also do they make a block heater for it???

Thanks All,

11-01-2006, 07:57 PM
Mine is EFI but here is some info on engine heaters. ;-)

1st Zerostart.

2nd Kats by Five Star

3rd Pyroil which looks like an OEM one I saw for sale on ebay a while back.

11-01-2006, 10:04 PM
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It might be something stuck or gumming up things in the choke that's keeping the choke open instead of closed in the cold weather. You might try to take a peek down the throat some morning before starting. Watch that vacuum hose on the bottom of the air horn when you put the inlet back on top of the carb. (This assumes that you are running an OEM Hitachi...)

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11-02-2006, 09:29 AM
What ACK said - sounds like a carb problem, and probably the choke not closing properly.

Good luck - and let us know how it turns out...

11-02-2006, 10:34 AM
My 87 doesnt like to start in cold months, my 88.5 fired right up and was fine, 87 takes a few turns, and it now has a water choke weber..

But like others have said, spray down all the linkage, and run some seafoam thru the carb. Might help alittle.