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01-14-2006, 11:43 PM
I now have some pics of the MY-FI on my website.

01-15-2006, 12:19 PM
I received this in 3 emails yesterday and this morning with this info.

"We have another ZOR product that has exceeded our philosophy of "not
trail tested, TRAIL PROVEN". The kit includes over 40 parts to make the
install as easy as possible. This kit is being sold as "FOR OFF ROAD USE
ONLY". However, you can expect better mileage, torque and horsepower from
your carbed 1.3 engine. For informational purposes you can see more
information at the zuksoffroad.com website. It does NOT require a computer
or a change to your existing wiring harness but can be attached to your
computer if you still have the O2 sensor. In fact we expect to pass smog
requirements here in the state of Arizona next week.
This kit does not include the parts that you must get from your local
junk yard. Expect to pay less than $200 for everything else you need from
the VW/AUDI that use the K Jetronic CIS system. DO NOT go out and start
gathering the parts because the instructions tell you which parts to get so
that the system works. It is perfected. Our MY-FI motto is "Quit Stalling,
Get MY-FI".
Visit the auction for the right to be first in line for when the MY-FI
bolt on fuel injection is officially for sale during the Superbowl halftime
show on Feb 5th,2006.
This auction is not for the kit! it is for the right to obtain the
official serial number of 00001. You will not be the first to have the
MY-FI as it is in a number of test vehicles as prototypes. The test vehicle
owners refuse to give up the MY-FI it is that good."

Don't know where it came from but it sure is funny what some people send me. Can I special request a serial number mabye 8675309.
No actually I would want 00012.

01-15-2006, 12:33 PM
Sorry, there is a bit of excitement in the zuk community over this. I am not sending the emails around, Zuk owners are. I am answering lots of emails about the MY-FI. It would not be impossible to get you serial number 00012, just difficult. The kit's I will have ready for the launch date will be sold out within minutes. I could presell 100 today but I am just to busy already. I have over 1000 parts being machined or fabricated in 6 shops so I decided not to push myself into an early grave over this. After Feb 05 the kits will go into a 3 week delivery mode for awhile. I will be expanding into a larger shop and hiring more skilled workers to keep up with the orders of ZuksOffRoad products.

01-16-2006, 07:34 PM
UPDATE! trying to keep you guys happy with this stuff. I have a volunteer in Utah with a carbed 1.6 8 valve. He is the offfical and last tester of the MY-FI bolt on fuel injection system. Within 12 days he will have it installed and be flying low. BTW everybody knows that ZOR stands for ZuksOffRoad, right?