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04-28-2006, 03:40 PM
Hi everyone,

I am pre-working on a project. I am preparing a sidekick rear axle for a Samurai LWB. What is the measurment between the to centers of the springperches on a rear samurai axle?

The goal is as following :

Samurai LWB with following items.

. TT YJ kit, I already have most of the parts, need the four shocks.
. I have the Rear Sidekick axle with disc brake kit.
. I have the following engine, 1.3 with 15.000 miles on it with a new weber carb, new cam and a new header.
. I have the following wheels, 10x15 and 8x15 both with 2.5" backspacing.
. I have the following tyres 31x13.50x15 mickey thompson and 33x12.50x15
Fedima Trial.

In the last couple of days I dissambled the engine, tranny and t-case, rebuild them all and painted everything in a nice grey color.

The Joke is, I still not have the LWB.toast Here in Spain they ask for a 10 years or more truck over 3000 euros. So I am bidding on ebay Germany for a cheaper one. I hope to have him soon.

Why am I preparing all that stuff. I am waiting for some parts for my other Zuk I am building, so I am preparing everything up for a new one.

Am I crazy:dance: , yes probably so. My wife thinks I am. But what do i need to do in my free time:funny:


04-28-2006, 05:20 PM
i believe its 38" center to center