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04-09-2006, 11:33 AM
I have some steering work in my future. Right now, I have the typical Z-link with no power steering. When the time comes, I would very much like to get everything I need and do it right once. This is assuming a SOA Zuk front axle with a RUF leaf setup. I don't want to have to booty-fab anything for them to work together.

Here are the setups I know about:

Power Steering
i. Sky Manufacturing # Suz-PSC-001 $145.00
1. http://www.sky-manufacturing.com/steering.htm
2. Requires Sidekick P/S Pump & Box
3. Kit includes block adapter to attach sidekick ps pump bracket to your 1300. Frame box mount that allows bolting on the Sidekick box. New pulley for the engine to run the supplied belt.

ii. Trail Tough Sidekick P/S Conversion #SPS-351 $475.00
1. Complete, including Sidekick P/S pump & box
a. Q: Is a pitman arm not included? (not pictured)

iii. Petroworks #PWP8000 $350
1. Requires Toyota steering box, pump, and reservoir
2. Includes a double v-belt crank pulley, frame bracket, pump bracket, reservoir bracket, v-belt, installation hardware, drop drag link, cooler, and high-pressure and return hoses
3. http://www.petroworks.com/engaccs.htm#Petroworks Power Steering Kit

iv. Roadless Gear #SUZ-PSC-001 $145.00
1. Requires Sidekick power steering parts
2. http://www.roadlessgear.com/page/RGL/PROD/ST/SUZ-PSC-001

v. Rocky Road $219.00
1. Requires Toyota steering box and pump:
a. Pumps for the kit:
i. Toyota Celica '78-81 (Pumps up to 05/81, 06/81+ pumps will not work)
b. The steering box can be off of the following vehicles:
i. Toyota Celica '78-81
ii. Toyota Corona '78-81
iii. Toyota Cressida '78-81
2. http://www.rocky-road.com/powersteer.html

Cross-over/OTT steering
i. Petroworks Z-bar Eliminator System #AXL4900 $289.00

ii. Calmini Hi-Steer

iii. Spidertrax Cross-over #COS-001 $299.95

iv. Roadless Gear Cross-over #RGS120 $289.00
1. Can be used with stock Suzuki or Toyota P/S
2. http://www.roadlessgear.com/page/RGL/PROD/ST/RGS120

v. Sky Manufacturing # SUZ-OTS-02 -$360.00
1. kit -02 includes the driver side arm and new tie rod.

vi. Trail Tough Knuckle-Over Steering #KOS-300 $279.00

vii. Breeze Industries Knuckle-Over Steering $375
1. http://www.breezeindustries.com/kit_details.htm#Cross%20Over%20Steering%20System
2. Includes an extreme-duty steering arm, heavy duty draglink, new tie rod ends and all the hardware necessary to install the kit

viii. Rocky Road OTT System
1. Stage 1 $209.00
2. Stage 2 (hi-steer) add $125.00
3. http://www.rocky-road.com/ottsteer.html

So, what works best with what in terms of bolt-together goodness?

04-09-2006, 12:24 PM
I had a tracker p/s and a RR OTT stage II and it worked great. All tracker kits ate the same brackets. I have heard only good things about the toy setup but it is hard to find the celica pump but you can get a reman fron autozone for cheap. I would run the yota setup if possible. You will never regret it. I think someone will make a kit for the addition of the OTT. If a last resort call RR and see if they have a kit for the OTT that will work with their p/s. Whenerver I call them and buy multipe items I tell em I want a discount and the will always do it. My .02

04-09-2006, 12:43 PM
make your own man

04-09-2006, 02:07 PM
What I know:

My kid and I are both running the Trail Tough kit. I also have the Sky frame/box adaptor plate.

On the Sky frame mount adaptor plate: It's a well built, well manufactured, perfectly fitting adaptor. They did a great job with it! But, if you use it, you will have to move your radiator to the passenger side or modify your radiator brackets. Also, on my 16v, it moves the steering shaft far enough to the right, it now rubs on the heat shield.

The Trail Tough stuff is also well made and well fitted. You need the u-joint that replaces the rag joint. If another kit gives you power steering and doesn't replace the rag joint, you'll likely be replacing A LOT of rag joints.

If you get the TT kit, or if you just mount the power steering box in the same way as the TT kit, I wouldn't try drilling through the "cup" that's on the outside of the frame where the stock steering box is mounted. What a pain that was. If I had to do it again, I'd remove the cup and replace it with flat steel welded to the frame (flat = way easier to drill).

Hope that helps bigok