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04-04-2006, 03:54 PM
Hey what up guys.

ok heres my question.

I was recentley given an 88" samurai, when I got it it wasn't running and I soon found the problem to be a broken timing belt. 2 hours and 15 bucks later i got the thing to start and run but it smokes. It smokes pretty bad when you stomp on it to. I don't think its oil burning smoke either, it looks like the smoke you would see coming out of a desiel truck exhaust when you put the petal to the floor. It even leaves a nice black chalk like residue on the pavement.

What could this be? Obviously its running rich but whats the problem. I went out a ran some Sea- Foam carb cleaner through it and it helped the running of the engine a little but not to much with the smoke problem.

Its got new wires, D-cap, rotor, and I pulled the plugs and they were as black as black, I threw some news ones in but it didn't help. They were quickly given the same treatment.

Could it be the timing being off?
Or a bad carb?
Or could it be oil, I see alot of people complain about bad piston rings on these 1.3L engines.


The check engine light is on and I can't find the damn plug to check it. It says in the manual that there is a spot in the fuse block labeled Diagnosis, and you put a fuse in it and then the Check engine light will blink out a code and you match the blinking to the code given in the book, but I can't find anywhere on the fuse block labeled Diagnosis. In there another fuse block besides the one under the steering column.

04-04-2006, 05:05 PM

You already posted this question , give folks a chance to answer before doing mutiple post. Thanks & welcome to the site.