View Full Version : bumper securing question

03-31-2006, 12:29 PM
got my bumpers right now secured to the original bumper extension "tubes". looking at throwing on 31's and need to chop thos dam tubes off. what is the best way/ location for re-securing the bumper? wouls it make a difference being bolted verses welded? would welding the bumper supports to the frame make the frame more rigid up front? bad / good? also, i took out the orig running/signal lights and replaced them with 2" ambers with two wire hookups. question being.... the turn signal has three and one appears to be the running lite red colored wire. if i run the running lights off the side marker lights what do i do with the red/running lead that goes to the original location? asking because now my blinkers blink twice as fast......:dance:

03-31-2006, 06:34 PM
oh sallys right! sry. my cousin has a stock samurai brush guard.

03-31-2006, 06:58 PM
weld that puppy up! bolted on bumpers are wiggly.my cousin has 1 and i dont trust it at all.

I don't see a problem with bolting on the bumper, mine is bolted on with the same bolts that hold the SR and Tow bar mount. You are not moving my bumper without some massive force. I can have my bumper off and bolted onto another truck on under a half hour, much easier and faster then cutting, grinding, making brackets and welding.


03-31-2006, 09:21 PM
I made my bumper out of scrap I found in the desert. I made brackets for the bumper that bolt onto the frame where the little tie downs bolt on the frame. I've dropped it the rocks a few times - no problems yet. It's also where the Calmini tow-bar bolts on to. I haven't heard of any of them failing..

03-31-2006, 11:29 PM
i just put one on mine and i welded it to the frame. i was gonna bolt it on but was running short on time and patience,so now its welded on there like a mofo. can lift the whole rig by the bumper now.
before --------http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pxzZ39wV--_fR9KQOokGsgtYhz8N5JSmK6Z8vJVefXrMgKIdDw5hLMrKagY4 uba8uwabhIQrmgtuSS4QFW5jknVQjRbdxdKpGU2DhZjyVMUHHS CY2W9C-avDB91cj9zPDunawA0hTjQ4 ---and after-----http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pxzZ39wV--_fR9KQOokGsgrYw3cNg-4w3NGti6ijZ9cuGsL-ahMPr9NUfvMgVV46ccGAA2KqkYN6_y8oUZxzEhHjklPLjNIjHd StDBZoNguKEDNOC7v7RTq5wzvcJxHBMoMwFK-hQki4 -- i popped my welding cherry on this bumper i think it looks way better , cant wait to bash some bushes. i bought the bumper used then welded in the flatbar pieces on the lower part to somewhat protect my rad.(might add some mesh in there too)